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On August 11th, I packed up my life for a year, carrying all I own on my back I set of with 6 other people for the adventure of a lifetime.  Our mission is 11 different countries in 11 months and sharing the Gospel to the corners of the world.  I covet your prayers as we embark on this great adventure. Below is the list of places we have been, and will hopefully be going this year.

Will you join me in praying for these countries?


Ireland- August

This month was our first month in the field.  We teamed up with three other teams with the Causeway Coast Vineyard in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.  This wonderful little Irish town is anything but sleepy.  Situated right near the Northern Coast, you can feel the spirit moving like a rushing wind as the Vineyard church daily hits the streets to change the community for the Lord.  Our ministry consisted of helping run a children’s camp, community outreach, street evangelism, and learning about Healing on the Streets.  It was a great first month for us as a team.  You can read about the amazing healings we experienced HERE.DSC_0062

Romania – September

Our team was paired up with Team Joholo as we ministered in a small Gypsy village situated about an hour from a big town.  In this beautiful valley we got the opportunity to pour into the few Christians that are in the village.  We also held Bible Studies, washed carpets, did a VBS and loved on a gypsy community that lives in mud huts.  We are in the process of catching a vision to help the people of that village.  You can read that post HERE and the rest of my posts from Romania HERE.


This month we were supposed to be in Egypt, but I could not be more blessed to have been in Croatia.  This country experienced terrible war in the early 90s, and is still feeling the effects of it.  Ministry here consisted of strengthening the church that was there and encouraging the missionaries the hard and cold ground that is there.  Croatia also has a very big youth population, and is filled with the arts and creativity in the midst of dark war clouds still hanging overhead.  We formed many wonderful relationships with the youth there and sewed seeds that will hopefully grow into strong oak trees.  You can read more about our time in Croatia HERE.

DSC_0157Turkey – November

The fall brought with it our move out of Eastern Europe and into the Middle East.  Turkey was nothing like I expected it to be.  It is one of the most beautiful, hospitable countries that I have ever been in.  At one point, Constantinople (Istanbul) was the center of the Christan world.  However, Christians make up only .01% of the population today.  The country is now 99.7% Muslim.  Our month here was a lot of tilling the ground.  We spent time in places where we were the only Christians.  We built eternal relationships and spent many hours praying that the hard ground be broken up and ready for the message of the Gospel.  Turkey was absolutely wonderful – saturated with tons of culture, music, food, tea and religion.  We learned much about Muslim culture and shared the love of Christ everywhere we could.DSC_0427

Israel – December

The Holy Land attracts Jews, Arabs and Christians alike to be a part of a location so rich in our combined religious roots.  We will be serving the people of Israel while walking the paths trod by Christ.

Kenya – January

The Masai bush, the Nairobi metropolis, the Kiberra slums…comprise a country diverse yet unified in history.  The Kenyan people are colorful, musical, artistic and hungry for the love of Christ.  As a new era dawns in Kenya, so does the Gospel of truth and faith.  By meeting felt needs in the bush and the city, we hope to leave lasting fruit and lasting ministries to carry on beyond us. Watch more…


From the Ugandan islands to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, the African people of these nations share a common bond.  Through the wild lands, home to Africa’s “Big Five” animals coexist people, reached and unreached with the Gospel of Christ.  Through evangelism, church planting and discipleship, we will be a part of a movement to further the kingdom of God in this precious region of the world. Read more…

Pioneer Africa

During the World Race, my team will take a month to “Ask the Lord” for a new mission field. He may lead us to a location developing, growing and booming or He may lead us to a land untouched by the World Race or even Christianity as a whole.  It will be a time for us to listen to the voice of the Lord and, with true abandon, follow Him into the wild blue yonder.


My team will cross the Pacific and land in a whole new world. The country of Vietnam has been under communist rule for decades and the oppression has taken its toll through seasons of warfare and rebuilding. The government is adamantly against religious freedom and as the country suffers in Buddhist bondage, the light of the Christian remnant shines as a candle in the darkness. Read more…

Fifty years ago, Cambodia saw one of the most devastating genocides in history. The Khmer Rouge slaughtered nearly two million people – 1/3 of the country’s population at the time. In 24 hours cities were emptied, left to be ghost towns. The nation has been in constant upheaval until recently. The strength and resiliency of the Cambodian people is inspiring.  Be a part of holding orphans, born into a new era; meeting felt needs in some of the worst slums in the world; and church planting with an adolescent generation on the verge of religious revolution. Read more…


Even though the official law states that prostitution is illegal, it is estimated that nearly 2 million women and men engage in this practice daily thus creating the lucrative sex industry of Southeast Asia. In addition to reaching out to the rural communities of Thailand, we go to the streets, into the darkest of spiritual environments to share what is most needed: hope. By helping women learn practical vocational skills and providing an alternative form of income, the face of Thailand’s premiere sex industry is being changed one life at a time. Watch more…

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