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There Came a Time

14 July 2009 7 Comments


This past Sunday I had the absolute honor of speaking with the wonderful people of Talking Rock First Baptist about missions.  This was my first time speaking before a congregation that I did not know.  I was a little nervous, to say the least.  While I was sharing my heart about missions, I felt the Lord speaking to me that I would not be a stranger to speaking before crowds of people.  This thought began to terrify me, all I could think was – I’m not ready, and I don’t have anything to say.  However, God’s peace came over me and I heard him whisper, “Good, I don’t want you to say anything.  Let me speak through you.”  The pastor and the congregation of Talking Rock were so gracious and kind to me.  I have never felt such encouragement from people that I had not known before.  My wonderful Aunt Janice set up the speaking engagement for me, and I could not be more grateful to her.  She has been a huge support in this adventure, and I am so blessed to have her.  Her daughter, Christy, has also been a great encouragement to me.  She has a powerful blog, saturated with scripture and messages of support.  You can check out her blog HERE.

I really felt like this opportunity was the beginning of something big for me.  I enjoyed sharing my heart for missions and for those around the world.  I spoke about Philip and the Ethiopian and how “missions” moments are ready to happen everywhere, we just have to be listening and obedient.  After the service, a quote came to mind that I felt was so true in my life – “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anais Nin.  Sunday I began growing, and I am looking forward to the growth that will happen on the field.  I know at times it will be painful, but in the end it will be worth the risk.

In other news, the Photo Contest for missions will be ending in a few days.  You can view all of the portfolios HERE and my personal pictures HERE.

I am really excited about the new look and feel for this blog.  I want to say a huge thanks to my friend Chris who has helped me come up with this site.  I also have my friend Eric to thank for the wonderful header.  Eric is the visionary behind Creating Color, a website full of stories about people who are bringing new life to a black and white world.

May we all be attentive to the Lord this week as we look for ways to make ordinary meetings miraculous, and as we take the risk to blossom.


  • Stacy said:

    What a wonderful experience of realization and growth this weekend…you are already beautiful and I’m looking forward to walking alongside you as you continue to blossom this year.

  • Janice McGraw said:

    Hi Sweet Jen,
    That will be my name for you forever. I was so pleased with your sermon on Sunday. You repeated several times that we had to be willing to speak when God told us to. You spoke from your heart and God confirmed what you were doing Sunday is what you would continue to do for Him. He was letting you know this message was also for you. As Jesus did Sunday, He will continue to give you the words to say. I cannot imagine what God has for you but I believe with all my heart this mission trip is just the tip of the iceburg of things to come.

    I talked with Johnette last night she really enjoyed what you had said. She said you were right we needed to do what God told us to and not lose that opportunity to speak of Him. The love of Christ shown through you so much Sunday and you truly could see that your heart and mind was with God and what pleased Him. You were in the presence of God during that time.

    Please tell Chis thank you from me for being there Sun. and for his continued support of you. He is a wonderful young man.

    I love YOU
    Aunt Janice.

  • Christy said:

    That quote is amazing…I saved it to my quote file. It is so true to each of our lives.

    We are so excited to see the amazing things God is going to do in your life as you bloom 🙂

  • chris said:

    so proud of you.

  • Jess said:

    JINE!!!! you did SUCH an amazing job when you spoke. Me and mommy were crying like the whole time. I love you so much *jealous that you have the gift of speech* lol LOVE YOU!!!

  • Mom said:

    Our time together is drawing to a close…for now. I am so very proud of you and the wonderful lady you have become before my eyes.

    Love Big….Share Christ….Seize the moment….Laugh often…Bring hope to the hurting….Enjoy the journey my sweet daughter.

  • gate.io said:

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