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Three Months-No Snakes!

12 April 2010 238 Comments

While I wouldn’t say that not seeing any snakes sums up my African experience…it sure does make me feel a whole lot better!  We have successfully finished our ministry in Africa and are currently in Bangkok, Thailand getting ready for three months of ministry in Southeast Asia.

So what can I say to sum up my three-month journey in Africa?  How could I even begin to sum up my incredible experiences on this wonderful continent?  I think the one word I would use would be Powerful.  I saw God power displayed in Africa like never before.

In Kenya, God broke my heart for the street kids – orphans who had no home and no hope.  Armed with a few hundred dollars that three of us girls raised (mostly donated by our wonderful Israeli mother, Tirza!) we set out to cloth and feed what we thought was going to be only about 15 children.  After a long and stressful trip to the grocery store, Martha, Ashley and I arrived at the church…along with about 50 children.  Knowing we had only purchased things for about a dozen of these precious children, we were at a loss on what to do.  So what would any good World Racer do in that situation?  Impromptu VBS!  Needless to say, God demonstrated his power and his love for the street kids as every single one of them went away with full hands.

As I reached Uganda I had no idea for the amazing month that I was in for. Uganda has been one of my favorite months on the race so far.  It was here that I became very away of the spiritual climates of places, and literally saw people operating under the worship of demons.  I watched God continually demonstrate his power as He set his children free!  One of my favorite memories was going into the schools, many of which were held outside under the trees for lack of buildings.  Here, as I presented the Gospel message, I watched as entire schools of children bowed their heads and accepted God as the Lord of their life.  Talk about powerful!

Arriving in Tanzania, I was exhausted to say the least.  We ran hard in Uganda, and saw God appear like never before.  The Lord displayed his power to me in a much different way this month.  We were blessed with wonderful contacts that provided us with a lot of time to rest and to spend time with God.  I learned what it means to truly rest in the Lord and to be quiet before him.  It was difficult for me at first to not be in 24/7 ministries, but the Lord spoke powerfully to me this month.  He spoke both to me, and through the incredible community around me.   I am so thankful that God provided me with time to rest in Him and learn to hear his voice more clearly, especially as we set out for our last leg of the Race.

God was so present and powerful in Africa.  I saw him perform many miracles and melt countless hearts with his love…hearts including my own.  I watched as things I had only read about happened right in front of my eyes…. things that I always hoped were possible, but never believed could happen in my life.  God is so powerful and so loving!!  I am now in Asia trying to shift gears and get acclimated to an entirely new culture, but I still find myself rejoicing over the wonderful things God did in Africa, and looking forward to the incredible things he will do in Asia!


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