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[23 Sep 2009 | 103 Comments | ]
Catch the Vision

Someone very dear to me tells the story of a poet’s muse. The poet says that she would be working in the field all day when occasionally she could feel the wheat begin to tremble. She would then hear the poem coming from the outskirts of the field, rushing over the wheat, weaving back and forth. She would then run back to her house as fast as she could to grab a pen and paper to write the poem down. If she missed it, it would travel on looking for …

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[23 Sep 2009 | 136 Comments | ]
Sora Mia

That’s “My Sister” in Romanian.  I want to tell you about a precious relationship that God has given me during my month here.  Our host family, Abi, Lily, Andrea, Alexandrea and Ade are such a wonderful family.  They are one of the few families in this village that enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus.  They walk under the freedom that Christ brings, and try to show love to all those they know.  Our first day here, after traveling for 18 hours straight everyone picked a bed and fell into a …

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[14 Sep 2009 | 243 Comments | ]
And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure…

Well we’ve been in Romania for about 2 weeks now and on the Race for officially one month and three days.  Time has flown by to say the least.  I haven’t really had a chance to upload many of my pictures and blogs from Romania, so I thought I would try to lump a bunch all together.  This month we are ministering in a little village called Villi Techi. Our ministry is to love of the people of this village and show the Christ in every way possible.  So far …

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[7 Sep 2009 | 12,150 Comments | ]
Caroling for Christ

This Sunday we all packed up to go to our first Romanian church service.  I was really excited  to experience how the Romanians worship.  We have about 60 World Racers in the small village that we are staying at, so it was great to get to worship together.  The entire January  squad is here, 3 J squad teams plus Joholo and us.  We pretty much tripled the population of this town in one night.  Anyway, after worship our contact got up and said that he felt like the Spirit was …

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[7 Sep 2009 | 119 Comments | ]
Typical World Race

This has been such an exciting week! We were packing up to travel from Ireland to Moldova when we learned that our contact there fell through.  So we left at 7am for the Dublin airport and flew to Bucharest, Romania.  From there we got on a 11 hour bus ride to Viilatechi, Romania.  Our team is partnered with Joholo, a wonderful team and great friends.  We are staying with a wonderful host family.  Life here has been wonderful so far!  The village we are in is a gypsy town full …