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[25 Aug 2009 | 11 Comments | ]

Well, this has been quite a week to be sure. I still can’t quite wrap my mind around everything that has happened. To begin this week, we did a children’s ministry at the Causeway Coast Vineyard. The ministry was wonderful! The children’s pastor, Dave, is a great man of faith. He challenged us to look at this week’s ministry, not as a babysitting opportunity, but as a divine appointment for these children. He taught us that there is no Junior Holy Spirit and that God …

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[16 Aug 2009 | 9 Comments | ]
Living on a Prayer

Well I have officially completed my first week as a World Racer.  It has been surprisingly good.  I must admit I did not come into this week with the best of attitude.  After the huge adjustment of leaving all the people I loved, the last thing I wanted to do was camp in a tiny tent in a freezing cold and rainy Irish field.  This Georgia Peach just doesn’t have the thick skin for all that cold weather.  However, I enjoyed camping out with 100 of my teammates living in …

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[12 Aug 2009 | 13 Comments | ]
There’s No Turning Back Now

Well the day has finally come.  I have officially started my World Race experience.  I am sitting in the Dublin Airport streaming free internet from a bus outside…we’ll see how long this lasts…
I think the reality of leaving has finally begun to sink in.  I am starting to realize that I am not going to see all the people I love for an entire year.  I am beginning to understand that even though this trip is going to be amazing, it is also going to be the hardest thing I …