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Full Circle

7 October 2009 9 Comments


God totally has a way of bringing things full circle…and I love it!  We ended our month in Romania on a wonderful (yet very tearful) note.  I miss the Stoica family greatly.  They really made a big impact on my life.  I updated all of my fun pictures from Romania on my facebook, which you can see HERE.

I also uploaded my photography on my website, HERE.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of my favs.

DSC_0004 Vintage004DSC_0011007IMG_0265083DSC_0051033

DSC_0012008From Romania we rode a bus to Brashov, Romania where we met up with 3 other World Race Squads and tons of staff for the Awakening conference.  We had 4 days of Solid teaching from Andrew Shearman and Seth Barnes and absolutly amazing worship.  I will for sure be blogging all about that later this week.  For now, I only have time for a quick update.  After the conference, we jumped a train to Budapest, Hungary with Croatia as our destination.  We were not sure what city we were supposed to be going to in Croatia, so we decided to find cheap lodging and stay in Hungary and pray until we heard where we were to go next.  I still can’t believe we got to spend 2 days in Budapest.  I went there when I was in high school with my church.  It was my first over-seas missions trip.  I honestly never thought that I would be back in Budapest.  I love how God brings things full circle!!  We were supposed to be in Egypt this month, and now I find myself in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!  Praise God!!  When I was first in Budapest, my team worked with a YWAM base.  We did lots of construction on a coffee shop they had.  So, I decided that I wanted to search all of Budapest until I found that small coffee shop on the corner of some street I vaguely remember from 7 years ago.  I honestly never thought I would find it, but through the Lord’s leading, we were able to find the building!!  It was Sunday night at like 7, so we didn’t think anyone would be there, but I thought it was worth ringing the bell.  To my surprise, someone answered the door!  A YWAM student welcomed us in, gave us a tour and invited us back the next night for worship.  Petra, along with Kingdom Unity, went to worship with all of the YWAM DTS students.  It was amazing to be able to worship with them and pour life into them.  I still can’t believe I was in the same coffee shop that I worked in 7 years before.  I love the Lord so much!!  I love how he brings things to completion, and how he sets up divine appointments!  I was able to connect with a wonderful girl from my church back home.  She had just started the DTS School, so I got to speak with and pray for her.  I am very excited about her amazing journey and the Kingdom that she is bringing in Budapest.  I love that the Lord is moving and stiring in his people all around the world.

We made it into Croatia, and through the Lord’s leading, we are now in a youth center in the middle of a beautiful city, working with the youth of the city.  I’ll post more about this ministry later.  For now, enjoy my trip back into time in Budapest!! The first picture is of my in 2004 working in the coffee.  The second is what the room looks like now!  Love you all!!



  • Mom said:

    Hello Jennifer!! Thanks for the update. It really is amazing that you found the YMAM base and were able to meet with them on such a short notice. We can’t wait to hear more stories about your time at the conference and the ministry in Croatia.

    You are bringing the light, sharing your joy and loving the nations!!!


  • Mom said:

    I tried to leave comments on your picture website, but only had the message box come up once….and then couldn’t find it again. Sooooo….here is my comment on your pictures, “Amazing, Touching, Heart Felt, Joyous, Precious” You have a gift of capturing the essence of the people. I love you and am so proud of you.

  • Kim Hadsell said:

    Hey Girl, What an amazing testament to the activity of God in you life. There is hope for the hopeless and you are part of that hope. May you continue to see the hand of God at work. Oh- and Chris [ old Chris that is} would be so exctied that you were shooting a bow. That is one of his favorite things to do. Love, Kim Hadsell

  • Christy said:

    I LOVE all the God moments you are having on this trip! He is just so amazing! What a wonderful way to come full circle for you in Budapest. I just love your photos….you have such a wonderful gift.

    I adore Andrew Shearman! I sat under his teachings while on my trip and I learned a tremendous lesson from Him that still resonates within me today. The Awakening Conference sounds awesome!

  • Pattie Cartwright said:

    Hi Jennifer: I am a friend of Kim Hadsell and at lunch today she was telling me about you and agreed to send me your blog. You are a fabulous example of a Christian and look forward to meeting you one day. My prayers will be with you and your group.
    Pattie Cartwright

  • Kim Hunt said:

    Jennifer, that is SO cool that you found the YWAM coffee shop. It was fun to see the ‘before’ photo when you helped do demolition of the room. I forgot my camera that infamous day.. the day of Girls With Sledgehammers! I am so proud of you, Jen, for your stepping out with the Lord, pursuing the lost with his love, venturing into the unknown with Holy Spirit, and enjoying the cultures and coffees along the way. Looking forward to what is next!

  • Karen said:

    Hi Jen,

    It’s great to see pictures of you and the different places that you’ve visited. You look like you are truly enjoying life and having a great impact on those around you. It is so neat that you were able to find the coffee house that you worked on several years ago.
    You are such a blessing to everyone you encounter. Also, your photography touches my heart. I can feel the emotion in the peoples faces that you capture.
    God’s blessings on you.
    Lots of love,

  • Janice McGraw said:

    Hi my sweet Jen
    It is wonderful how God blesses us and lets us see what happens when we follow Him. I am excited about all you wrote. You are the precious child of God who is doing amazing things for the His kingdom. I love you
    Aunt Janice

  • Jennifer Mitchell » Blog Archive » Covered in Dust said:

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