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Into the Darkness

7 December 2010 4 Comments

As many of you know, my boyfriend Chris Hadsell is currently in Mozambique living at an orphanage and attending the Harvest School of Missions.  About 3 months ago, Chris headed into the African bush with only a backpack but filled with expectancy.  His living conditions are fair at best. No running water, rice & beans three times a day, mosquitoes, bucket showers, extreme heat, Malaria…the list goes on and on.  Listening to him encounter all that Africa has to offer makes me remember fondly the three months I lived there this year.  To say that Chris’ experience in Mozambique has been life changing would be to sum up countless incredible encounters with two simple words that barely do it justice.

While Chris has been gone, he has begun to experience God in a whole new way.  The premise behind Harvest School is to bring the students into a new knowledge of the love of God and then minister to others out of that waterfall of affection.  They live in a place where miracles are a daily occurrence.  Every time I hear from Chris, he is sharing a new story about someone that God healed, or an incredible salvation story.  Radical does not even begin to describe this lifestyle.  Chris says he feels like scales have fallen off his heart, and he is finally able to understand and receive the love that God has for him and for the world.  Last week, Chris wrote an incredible blog about the revival they are experiencing there, and he urges Christians everywhere to begin to seek the Lord to do the impossible in their own communities.

I wanted to write about Chris to ask for your prayers over the next few weeks.  On Saturday Chris will be leading a team of missionaries into Sud*n.   They will be ministering to the Muslim villages in southern Sud*n.  Sud*n is a country riddled with war, and peace hangs on the edge of a knife blade.  War has raged between the north and the south and an upcoming referendum threatens to push the militant Muslim leaders in the north over the edge.  The nation has been barely surviving since the devastating events in Darfur, and another war would mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.  It is to this dark place that Chris is stepping foot.  He and his team are bringing the light of Peace to one of the darkest nations in the world.  Their presence in Sud*n could not have come at a more appointed time.  Many people are living in hopeless angst, waiting for the inevitable attacks.  It is in this area that the Hope of Peace will shine brightest.  Please join me in praying for Chris and his team as they embark on a journey that some would label dangerous, but Chris would call a vital necessity.  Let us pray that Chris and his team radiate peace and love in the midst of devastation.  And pray that the Lord protects every step that they take as they travel to carry the Gospel into the darkness.

To read more about Chris’ journeys in Mozambique and Egypt, visit www.ChrisHadsell.com


  • Shannon said:

    Wow, this is incredible! I am so proud of Chris for going to such a dark place to shine the light. I will definitely be praying for him! Thanks for writing this and showing us what God is doing in all over the world!

  • Stacy Povian said:

    praying for him for sure!

  • Kim said:

    Thanks Jenn~

  • Danielle said:

    Wow! Thats so excited to hear How God is using Chris and his team! What incredible adventures! The light is invading the darkness of Sud*n even now! Jesus is so heavy in His love and in His protection for this team!

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