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Living on a Prayer

16 August 2009 9 Comments

Well I have officially completed my first week as a World Racer.  It has been surprisingly good.  I must admit I did not come into this week with the best of attitude.  After the huge adjustment of leaving all the people I loved, the last thing I wanted to do was camp in a tiny tent in a freezing cold and rainy Irish field.  This Georgia Peach just doesn’t have the thick skin for all that cold weather.  However, I enjoyed camping out with 100 of my teammates living in community with them.  I’ve survived out of my pack for a week, so far so good, only 47 more to go.

The hardest part so far for me, other than leaving my loved ones, was the jet lag.  We left JFK around 8 at night and got in at 4:30am.  Then we had to wait in the airport until around 7 for the other squad to arrive and get on the bus.  Once we got to the site, we hit the ground running.  AIM had set up a “race” of sorts to keep up awake and see the Dublin sites.  Coupled with being sick, and being completely emotionally spent, the jet lag was killer.  That day was a rough one for me, and my teammates as well.  A friend on my squad, Heather Dodge,  took some hilarious pictures of all us falling victim to jetlag.  I include them here for your enjoyment.


This week we camped about 10 miles outside of Dublin, for training camp.  We had a squad leaders, coaches, and AIM staff come and help prepare us for the next 11 months.  I really enjoyed out worship time, I love being with 100 other people worshipping the Lord.  The staff really taught us the importance of listening to the Lord at all times.  We began putting that in to practice, each day asking the Lord to speak to us, and teaching us to respond in faith and obedience.  Honestly, I was a little uncomfortable with this exercise to begin with.  The Lord has spoken to me before, but never really on demand.   I had trouble feeling like we were requiring something of God, or coming at people with agendas.  But the Lord taught me through this week that he really is always speaking.  He wants us to ask all the time what he is saying to us, and what he is saying to other people.  We began to get comfortable listing to the Lord and speaking what he was saying to each other.  We spoke words of life and encouragement over each other.  I felt like it was true Christian community.  So often in our lives, there are very few sources of pure love and encouragement.  I could see how this practice began breaking down some heavy walls in other people’s lives.  Then AIM threw me a curve ball.

They said it was time to take it to the streets.  Each team was to go out on the city streets and Ask the Lord what his will for them in that moment is.  They said sometimes God gives words, pictures, or places.  The whole point is just for our team to go out and listen to the Lord, if he leads us in conversation, great, if not, great.  As missionaries, and as Christians in general, we need to get into the practice of listening to what God is saying, even when we go about our daily lives.

My team didn’t feel any particular leading that day, so we walked through the streets and prayed for houses and people as we walked by them.  Even though we did not have any tangible interaction, I know that we were doing the Lords will and that we were listening to him.  The guys were so open to following God, they ended up in a pub with a bunch of young Irishmen, singing bar songs and speaking to them about our trip.  Tim and Joel planted seeds, even in that interaction, and that really excites me.

We are now on a bus headed up to Coleraine, Northern Ireland.  We will be working with the Causeway Vineyard church.  4 of our 6 teams will be at the same place, so I am very interested to see what we will be doing.  We’ll be here for 2 weeks, and then fly out to Romania, for only the Lord knows what.

I cannot express how much all the comments and love on my last post means to me.  Ya’ll touch me from thousands of miles away.  I am so blessed so have so many dear and precious readers and supporters.  I hope that ya’ll can hear my heart from halfway across the world as I say I love you so much and I miss you tons.  While this experience is going to be great, I can’t help but think that the only thing to make it better would be to have my loved ones here with me.  I am so blessed by each one of you, and I cannot wait to return to you in a year.

I hope that everyone is doing well, feel free to hit the “Contact Me” link and shoot me an email.  I love to hear how life in the states is.  I also want to encourage us all to go out of our way today to listen for the Lord’s voice.  He is speaking, let’s try to listen and obey.  I believe he has awesome things for us in store in Ireland, and for everyone back at home as well.  I love you all so much!


  • Christy said:

    sending you a hug sweet Jennifer.

    He is speaking indeed. A great reminder for me….to listen!

  • Karen said:

    Hi Jen,

    It is very exciting to read what you are doing! Those jet lag pictures are so funny. I hope and pray that you are no longer sick and are feeling well. I know that you will be a great witness in Ireland.

    Thanks for your thoughts on listening to the Lord. I get so wrapped up in what’s going on around me that sometimes I forget to be still enough to hear what the Lord is saying to me.

    Stay dry and warm. Love you, Karen

  • Your Loving Bro (Josh) said:

    “We’re half way there…whoa oh, we’re living on a prayer”….sorry that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw your post.

    Hey Jenny! I’m so glad that this week was awesome for you! Starting off strong in Ireland! You are already learning lessons from Him and growing closer to Him even in your first week and that excites me so much. I can’t wait to see the things He is going to continue to do through you and your team.

    Remember to rest in Him as you all are running, running, and running. His arms wrap around you and comfort you when you grow weary, and support you as you walk.

    I love you so much, and already miss you greatly!

  • Lori Harper said:

    Jennifer–Please know that we love you and are praying for you. God WILL move and accomplish His will. You rock!


  • Mom said:

    I am so thankful that you had a great week. My thoughts and prayers for you and your team are never off my mind. I love you and look forward to hearing the great things that the Lord is teaching you and excited to hear about your upcoming ministry opportunity in Northern Ireland.

    Oh….How is that bad cough of yours?

    XOXOXOX WeeeUuuuu

  • Janice McGraw said:

    Hey Sweet Jen,
    I am so glad that your first week has been great. You are never far from my thoughts. can’t wait to here more of God’s work through you.
    you are in my prayers
    Love you
    Aunt Janice

  • Daddy said:

    Glad to hear you are getting to know your teammates and I pray that God will use each and everyone of you in a mighty way. I lke your first message about listening to God. Your words encourged me to no end. So often I find myself bringing God along with me for “my” daily activities, rather than asking Him what He wants me to do this day. My business trip to San Franciso went well, but happy to be home. Got Jessica off to school and she starts Wednesday. The LCOG sale is this week and mom is very busy. Please pray for her and Lori siince you know all the details. It is so good to hear from you. I miss you and am praying for you and your team daily. Talk to you soon. I love you much.

  • Mark Nichols said:

    I used to be close friends with your parents back in the early 80′s. We were part of a group that followed hard after God, just like you are doing now. It is such a blessing to see you, your brother, and sister, the next generation, now following and finding God on your own. I am sure your parents have shared stories of how they learned to follow God, took big risks, and found new levels of maturity in Him. I am also sure they are so proud of you and what God is doing in your life.

    I am so blessed that you took this risk and stepped into the uncomfortable. The world is changed by your obedience, commitment, and trust. And may your heart be driven by love!

    Mark Nichols

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