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There’s No Turning Back Now

12 August 2009 13 Comments

DSC_0029Well the day has finally come.  I have officially started my World Race experience.  I am sitting in the Dublin Airport streaming free internet from a bus outside…we’ll see how long this lasts…

I think the reality of leaving has finally begun to sink in.  I am starting to realize that I am not going to see all the people I love for an entire year.  I am beginning to understand that even though this trip is going to be amazing, it is also going to be the hardest thing I am ever going to do.  I don’t think I fully thought through what it meant to leave for a year when I signed up for the World Race.  So much can happen in a year back home, and I don’t want to be away from it.  However, I believe that this is the call of God for my life, so I am thankful that I have that fact to get me through this year.  Even though I have only been gone a day, and even though we haven’t even left the airport yet, I can already see how much God is going to teach me to trust him.  This week has been filled with so many emotions, I am hoping it is the hardest part of the trip – saying goodbye to the ones I love, and knowing that I am leaving my life in America behind.

I can feel myself growing and dying already.  I see myself dying to my flesh and getting rid of all of the comforts that I had convinced myself were necessities.  I can feel something deep inside of me beginning to stir, and I am excited to see what it turns out to me.  I look forward to seeing what God has for me this year, and all of the lives he is going to change through this trip.  I want to thank everyone who has been a part of getting me here – I am so excited and thankful.

If you think about it, any prayers that you could offer for us would be greatly appreciated.  Please pray for me as I continue to come to grips with leaving home, and pray for my loved ones as we adjust to this new time in my life.  And also for my team, as there are 100 other people feeling the same range of emotions I am.  We are very excited, yet still terrified at the same time.

I have a feeling that these first steps, as trembling and timid as they may be, though they are the hardest, they will be the beginning of not only an amazing journey, but also the rest of my life.

Love and peace to you all.

~ Jennifer M.


  • Christy said:

    Praying for you and will continue to pray for you sweet Jenn. Oh the places you will go and the things you will see and the lives you will touch….with the Hands of our Father guiding your journey along.


  • Katie Brown said:

    I love you Jenn! I’m so happy I got to talk to you before you boarded the plane. I’m excited for you and the adventure you are about to go on. Know that my prayers are with you always and I’m thinking about you each day you are gone. Counting down the days til you come…reading your blog until then. :)


    Your penpal.

  • Mom said:

    I love you….Thinking, praying and missing you already.


    P.S. – I did not get an email update notice about your blog…

  • John Harper said:

    We are praying for you, Jennifer. And I believe this will be the hardest part. It may take a week or two, but soon you will hit your stride.
    I owe you such a debt of gratitude that I haven’t been able to craft a worthy enough thank you yet. I am very excited about my blog, and getting some insight into why I haven’t been writing much recently. I think it is primarily due to the three B’s: Busyness, Bitterness, and Beer. The killer B’s.
    So changes must me made, and that’s exciting. And I feel you and your family are instrumental in getting me to this place.
    We are really looking forward to following you around the world. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

  • Amy Beth said:

    Girl, if you got a comment from Katie Brown, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO! I’ve been blogging for 1.5 years and I still don’t think I’ve received more than one comment from her (not that I’m jealous or anything…).

    Proud of you, Jenn. Mean it.

  • Cwalk said:

    Dang Jen! I am so proud of you! I know we haven’t talked much since you left Cleveland, but I’ve been stalking you thru Twitter/Facebook for sure! I’m so glad you’re getting to experience such an amazing time in your life right now! I will for sure be praying for you…and no doubt living vicariously through you during the next year! Live it up and preach it loud girl! Love u! S.I.T.G. P.S. I’ll be sure to inform Tap 43 of your trip and make them know my Hi-C! ;)

  • Janice McGraw said:

    I love you Jen
    I am so glad I was able to talk to you before you left. You are in my prayers. You are going to do mighty work for the Lord that loves you more than any of us will every fathom.
    I love you
    Aunt Janice

  • Jess said:

    JENNY!!!! i miss you SOOO much already! i was going to go to your facebook and get this website so i could read what you have written so far, but of corse, right when i was about to my comp. died and i fell asleep IN MY BED!!! <—that should tell you something right there, haha. The kids sale went good today, EVERYONE is asking either how you are so far or where in the world are you…(both literally and not). Tons of people have told me that they miss seeing your face at the sale (random people that i dont even know) but they know you and tell me that you are such a delight to be around and that they are so proud of you for taking such a huge step and leap of faith. Jenn, i love you so very much and i also am INCREDIBLY proud of you! though i miss you terribly, along with everyone, youll never know how much you mean to me :) Forgive me for telling you this, but its SOOOO sad because everytime Chris and I hear anyone say your name, we both get so sad to the point of tears, and i get even sadder just looking at him! Oh Chrizzy! well, i love you BUNCHES! and just want you to know that we miss you so very much and you are so loved. Everyone I talked to today says that they will keep you in their prayers, so just know that even though i know its tough for you emotionally right now, just know that you have so many people who love you and who are praying for you! including me and fam!!! :) :):) XOXOXOXOX

  • Jess said:

    …back to the first thing i wrote, i meant to say i was going to go to your facebook and get this link *lastnight*…but my comp died and i fell asleep ON MY BED!!!…thanks kids sale haha! love you!!!

  • Mom said:

    Hi Sweetie – I’m not sure if you have internet access…but just in case… “Love You!, Miss You!!, Love You!!!, Miss You !!!!”

    The sale went well this week, but people kept asking where you were and the first ten times, I got teary. :) I know you are where you are supposed to be and I am praying blessings and peace over my sweet girl.

    Much love…..

  • jacob said:

    re-read this post tonight and spent some time remembering the weird mix of emotions. The excitement, the sadness, the hope… It’s crazy to think it’s been 107 days…

    So much has happened and we have still have 216 days to go on this leg of our adventure. I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for us now and in the future.

    For some reason I have been feeling that same mix of emotions again… it feels like a new chapter is about to begin.

    I love you without end.



  • Jennifer Mitchell » Blog Archive » Covered in Dust said:

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