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Iasou Mulungi!

6 March 2010 1,095 Comments

God is Good!!  I came to know this phrase in a whole new way this week.

It was the end of a very long week for us.  I had been leading a team of 12 in the bush and our ministry lasted about 13 hours a day.  It was our last night before a day off and we were all exhausted.  “Just a few more hours” I thought to myself.  We turned the Jesus Film on and expected to have a few hours of rest until prayer time at the end.  However, within moments of sitting down for the first time that day, Pastor Godfrey came and said that there was a woman who wanted prayer.  She had what looked like a growth on her abdomen that was causing her a lot of pain.  We asked if she was a Christian and she said the only way she would accept Jesus was if he healed her right then.  “Ok, here we go” us prayer warriors thought.

So we began praying for healing and expecting God to heal her instantly.  It seemed perfectly appropriate.  After the prayer, she said her pain had gone down, but since it was not a complete healing she would not accept Jesus.  Slightly dejected, we watched her get up and go on her way.  Not thinking much after that moment, I went about packing up my stuff and loading the van.

About an hour later, Pastor found me and said that I must pray for someone else.  He said there was a woman who wanted to become a Christian.  (See, here in Africa, people just walk up to us on the streets and confess their sins.  It really is quick inexplicable).  When he brought me to the woman, it turns out it was the same woman from our prayer hours before!  Even though she was not totally healed, she decided to give her life to Jesus.  I led her in the prayer to commit her life to Jesus, with Pastor Godfrey translating.  When we finished praying, the other women present started breaking out in yells and cheers.  I was filled with joy as well, but this celebration was deeper than normal salvations.  I asked the pastor what was going on and he said that the woman was his sister!  His sister had just accepted Christ and her whole family was surrounding me celebrating!

Martha heard the commotion and joined us as we began dancing in the backyard and the old African mama’s began yelling “Iasou Mulungi! Iasou Mulungi!”  “God is good! God is good!”  It was such a beautiful celebration.  I could see Jesus joining with the angels as his one lost sheep came home.

When the commotion started, Abraham, the pastor’s 12-year-old son came running around the corner and jumped into his Aunt’s arms. He had a smile so big it took up his entire face.  His father told us that for the past few days Abraham had been trying to get his aunt to come speak with us because he knew that if she just came, she would accept Jesus.  She had continually told the boy that she would not go speak with the white people, however today God had different plans!!  It was the faith of this precious 12-year-old that planted the seed in his aunt, which God watered right in front of our eyes!!

I praise the Lord to be part of his wonderful celebration as the lost come home!!

God is SO good!

Iasou Mulungi!


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