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Covered in Dust

11 March 2010 355 Comments

I am sitting under the stars in Uganda.

The house we are living in has no power, so they are the clearest I have ever seen them.

It’s nighttime and most of my team is already asleep.

Trying to unwind, I decide to wash my feet.

As I take the wash bucket, I begin to clean off layer after layer of street dirt.

Dirt as red as Georgia clay.

It is a peaceful night and I am at rest after a very hard day of ministry.

No sleep.  Fear.  Power.  Healings.  Demons.  Muslims.  Opposition.  Freedom.  Salvations.

This month has been the hardest yet, but also the most rewarding.

As I look at the dust I begin to wonder.  Maybe the dust is not simply dust at all.  Maybe it is so much more…

As I study my feet I begin to think of all of the steps I have taken on the journe

y so far.

Step one – Ireland.  Back to Dublin.

Leaving home. Surfing.  No turning back.  Kids ministry.  Healing on the street. Danielle’s leg growing.  My team.

Step two – Romania.  Living with the Gypsies.  Painting Pape’s House.  Alex.  The Mud Village.  Caroling for ChristCatching a vision.  Apple Picking.  Swimming in the lake.  The Funeral.

Step three – Croatia.  Back to Hungary. Painting the church.  Prophecy over the youth.  Tasha.  ATL with Danielle and Lauren.  Train rides.  Preaching for the first time.  Communion on top of a mountain.

Step four – Turkey.  The 10/40 widow.  God calling me to the Muslim world.  Least evangelized country.  Dancing.  Ephesus.  Roof top worship.  Tea and Jesus movie.  The carpet shop.  Aydin.  Greece.  Olive grove mountain.  No one worships Artemis anymore.  Photography.

Step five – Israel.  Back for the third time.  Tirza and her beautiful children.  Desert.  Shabbat.  Hanukkah.  Leading tours.  Jerusalem.  Christmas away from home.  Petra.  The pyramids.  God growing a vision for ministry in the Middle East.  Abandonment.

Step six – Kenya.  Africa for the first time.  New Years.  Orphanage.  The street boys.  Bishop Emmanuel.  The poverty.  The children. Leading Muslims to Jesus.  The Hospital visits.  Melissa.  Worshipping on top of the mountain.  Door to door evangelism.  The VBS.  Bibles. Preaching for the first time.

The Simple Life.

Step seven – Uganda.  Intense spiritual warfare. The dark house.

Witchdoctor.  Sleepless nights.  Crusades.  Miraculous healings.  Leading.  The Bush.  Hours of hut evangelism.  Teaching in schools.  Preaching.  DeliveranceOver 500 salvations.

And now…Four more steps.

Four more steps for God to be preached to the nations.

Four more steps until this trip is complete.

Four more steps until the next leg of my journey.

Four more steps for my feet to be covered in dust.

Four more steps for my feet to be like one man, whose feet were so covered in dust, that a woman knelt down and washed them with her tears and her hair.

The dust will be long washed off my feet, and the memories will grow dim at times, yet the impact will remain.

For I am forever covered in the dust of my Rabbi.


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