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Witty Nelson

22 April 2010 2,918 Comments

Do you ever have those people in your life who you know God made to be in your life at the perfect time?  My friend Lindsay is that for me.  About 6 months ago, our teams got changed around and Lindsay and I were put together, along with Martha and Ashley – two of my best friends in the whole world (don’t worry, I’ll be writing about them later this week).

So back to Lindsay.  This girl is the most passionate, exciting, powerful woman I have ever met.  She is such an example to me.  My whole life I have dreamed of a life that I wish was possible – a life where people stopped on every street corner to pray for the sick, spend hours talking to God, and genuinely hear His voice when He speaks.  It is a life that I always wanted for myself, but was too afraid to step out and do.  Lindsay, on the other hand, boldly lives her life each day constantly stepping out and going after the big things of God.  The best part is, she is not one of those “crazy out of this world, can’t approach them” type of people.  She is the most hilarious and genuine person that I have ever met (Enter nickname: Witty Nelson).  As I have watched her grow and mature this year, there is no doubt in my mind that this girl is going to do INCREDIBLE things in her life.  And I don’t mean just cool, out-of-the-ordinary things…I mean the type of things that books are written about and that start a revolution.  I have affectionately named Lindsay HBIT, short for Heidi Baker In Training.  If you don’t know much about Heidi Baker, please google her immediately (Let’s just say over 3,000 churches planted and over 60 people raised for the dead for short).

The past few months Lindsay and I have both felt the call to begin laying down our lives for the Lord.  Over the past few months God has called us to place many things on the altar of Abraham.  It has been the things that we hold most dear, and even things that other people might not understand.  A few weeks ago, Lindsay’s favorite shoes broke.  Now I know that may sound trivial, but if you knew what I knew about those shoes, then you might understand.  To Lindsay, these were much more than shoes.  They were the very last bit of herself that she brought on the race, all the way from California.  They were the last tangible thing that connected her to her old life back in America.  A life filled with Coffee Shops, Vintage music and thrift stores.  They were an actual representation of the life that God asked Lindsay to sacrifice and lay down.  Now, when God asks us to lay things down, it is not because he enjoys our pain.  Instead, he asks us to let go of the things we hold most dear so that he can give us the most wonderful things instead.  As I have watched Lindsay lay down her very heart before the Lord, I have seen him give it back and bless her a hundred times over.  Her life is filled with healings, power, prophecy and incredible experiences with the Lord.

I want to share Lindsay’s story with you as an encouragement and a challenge.  I believe that God is always calling us to sacrifice things for him.  Sometimes it is big things that are hard to let go of, sometimes it is our small daily desires that he wants.  I don’t know what is it in your life, but I want to encourage all of us to step up to the altar of Abraham and allow God to burn away any desire that is not of him.  God is passionate about our hearts, and he is terribly in love with us.  Today, may we come to truly understand what it means to be blessed through sacrifice.

Lindsay wrote a great blog about her shoes which you can read HERE.

Our friend Ashley also made a great video about the event.  Enjoy!

lindsay’s shoes. from ashley higgins on Vimeo.


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