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Caroling for Christ

7 September 2009 6,201 Comments

This Sunday we all packed up to go to our first Romanian church service.  I was really excited  to experience how the Romanians worship.  We have about 60 World Racers in the small village that we are staying at, so it was great to get to worship together.  The entire January  squad is here, 3 J squad teams plus Joholo and us.  We pretty much tripled the population of this town in one night.  Anyway, after worship our contact got up and said that he felt like the Spirit was moving us to do something radical.  So he got us all to pack up, got outside and we began worshipping in the street.  We formed one long processional and walked from one end of the town to the other.  Every time people came out to see what was going on, we invited them to church later that night.  It was a really great experience for me.  I love worship, and I love prayer walking, so for 60 of us to be united together really touched my heart.  We filled the streets of Villa Techii with praise! That night for service, all of the pews were filled with townspeople! It was amazing! We had about 4 racers speak and then an invitation.  Many people went up for prayer and healing.   It was exciting to see the fruit of our labor earlier that morning.

Another cool experience we had was earlier in the week.  Danielle and I spent the day with a lady named Simone, playing with her children and spending time with her.  She invited us back later that night to sing and maybe study the Bible some.  Our whole team went back with our host family, who are also serving as our translators.  A couple of our guys shared and Abi, our host, translated.  In the middle of it one of the men that was there began asking questions to Abi about the Trinity and holiness and what separates good people from Christians.  Abi spoke with this man for a good half hour about the Lord.  The man seemed to understand a lot, and asked for prayer at the end of it.  He even invited our guys back to his house later this week so they can continue to discuss and pray! Later we learned that he had never spent more than 5 minutes at a worship service and never engaged in spiritual conversation.  Even though we weren’t able to directly speak to him, I believe our presence in the village was a catalyst for this divine appointment.  We merely created the space, and God did the rest.  It was really freeing for me because so often I believe missions is an on the go type of thing all the time, but God  just wants us to be, and rest, and create spaces and then allow him to work.

I am learning a lot about how to love people, despite a language barrier.  Even though we have a difficult time with the language, love is the most powerful way to speak.  We do a lot of acts of service, and I believe that speaks volumes.  Later this week we are trying to get together a  children’s ministry and a language school, so please pray that doors will be opened and that we can learn to communicate God’s love to people.  We are in this village for two more weeks and then we are supposed to leave for an AIM conference at the end of the month.  They are having 4 different squads, AIM staff, and many World Race alumn meet for a five day conference in Romania.  I’m looking forward to meeting the other squads and learning as much as I can from them.  I’m not sure when I will get internet again.  We took a bus for about 30 minutes this morning because it was our day off.  We may get another one next week, but who knows.  I appreciate all of your prayers so much.  I really feel it being here and not being able to communicate.  Know that even though I can’t write much, I love you all so much and miss everyone terribly!!  May Christ give us all the wisdom this week to look for opportunities to create the space for God to move.


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